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High Level Aviation Services provide exclusive and premium helicopter tours and services. Get the full scenic view of the beauty of this island through the Aruba heli tours. There is nothing better than seeing the pristine beaches from the aerial view. Experience the best outdoor activities in Aruba. You will surely get lost in the exotic beauty of Aruba and make sure to capture all the helicopter shots. Through our services, you will be able to reach the remote areas as well as the metropolitan heliports in and near Aruba. If you are looking for exclusive helicopter rentals, then there is nothing better than High Level Aviation Services. According to your preferences, the helicopter packages can be specially crafted. We ensure to deliver timely services keeping in mind all the safety parameters.
Through the helicopter ride in Aruba, you will get to see a view that you just had never imagined. Make sure to take the ride during your days in Aruba. Our pilots will also be guiding the tourists about the various places in Aruba, of which you can take photos. Get the best island tour through the helicopter. If you have never been on a helicopter before then, it is best to try that in Aruba because the beauty of this island is just spellbound. Booking the helicopter tours can be done through your hotels in Aruba. Till date of experience this ride is something that you will never forget. The famous helipad in Aruba is situated in wind creek seaport casino. We will provide all the details of the helicopter ride, whether the starting point will be wind creek or any other destination. The other attractions and activities in Aruba such as fishing charters, sightseeing tours Aruba, visiting landmarks in Aruba, art galleries in Aruba, water sports in Aruba, historic sites, scenic sites in Aruba, pub tours in Aruba, canoeing in Aruba, butterfly farm, submarine tours in Aruba, california lighthouse, shopping in Aruba, clubs in Aruba, museums in Aruba. Book your island tickets of helicopter tours simply by contacting us.


  • Best Helicopter is Deployed for the heli tours Aruba
  • Our helicopter pilots are well trained and have many years of flying experience of heli tours Aruba Oranjestad
  • All safety parameters are double checked before sending the helicopter for the helicopter Aruba travel
  • Prompt helicopter rental services in Aruba for businessmen, celebrities, or public


Before the Helicopter Ride

Even if you are not a first-time passenger, certain things must be kept in mind for preparing well for a helicopter ride:
It is best to keep oneself calm by doing deep breathing exercises before boarding the helicopter. It is very important to follow the instructions given by the pilot as it can be very dangerous to not follow the instructions.
If you tend to become highly anxious during air travel, then it is best to take anti-anxiety medication prescribed by a doctor. Make sure to dress appropriately, such as long pants and a light jacket; girls must tie their hair back.
It is advised not to wear sunglasses, hats, sandals, flip flops, or loose jewelry. Don’t bring heavy luggage or loose items to the helicopter ride.




Helicopter Services related Queries

We are here to answer all your commonly asked questions. Still, have questions?

The cost of the helicopter services in Aruba provided by High Level Aviation Services is $$.

Yes, you can surely book the services from your Aruba hotel. Even from hotels near Aruba you can book our wide range of services. We provide various services such as helicopter tours, fishing charters Aruba, boats tours, bottom fishing tour, speed boats tours, booking resorts in Aruba, and much more.

The famous spots that will be covered in the helicopter tour are Eagle Beach, De Palm, famous beach hotels and much more.

To book transportation in Aruba you must contact High Level Aviation Services as we provide the top notch services.

We provide a wide range of services such as yacht hire, car rentals, yacht rentals, sailing charters and luxury yacht charters.

Yes, the helicopter tours are safe and since many years we are running tours in Aruba. We have a well experienced and trained team of personnel.

The best hotels in Oranjestad are Manchebo Beach Resort and Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino.

The services provided by High Level Aviation Services are boats tours in Aruba, booking of Aruba restaurants, hotels in Oranjestad and resorts in Oranjestad.


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